Best Food Niche Account (Handle + Stat On Site)

OGE included as always, hoping to close out a sale on here for an OG handle. It doesn’t come with the stat page, I will swap it off to a fresh.


Now that’s a handle!

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Thanks boss! Most handles sold offsite, surprised I haven’t received a valid offer onsite yet.

That’s because SWAPD members suck! :stuck_out_tongue:

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That quote will hunt me in the future like Mark Zuckerbergs “they trust me, dumb ■■■■’s” comment.

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:pleading_face: They really do.

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Thats a dope username :grinning:

Good luck with the sale

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I think this handle is so good it deserves a spotlight tag, but I will ask other @Administrators and @Batman if they concur.


Omg you’re so ugly

Givenchy drip but still ugly

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Send handle please

PM handle, thanks


Decided to sell the stat account along with the handle.

People just may not want to spend 20k on a username, no matter what it is, considering just because you have an OG username doesn’t mean your account is gonna blow up with followers. Nonetheless, good luck with sales Tsunfire, awesome username.

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It is $12.5K without the stat, but I have decided to include it. Food niche is one of the biggest and this is one of the best in the niche. I don’t mind sitting on it, from my knowledge a handle sold on here for 25K, it just takes the right buyer.

There’s no direct correlation but it is icing on the cake for massive brand!

Please PM me the handle. Thanks

Verify Id!

$12.5K today only.