Best Girl IG @

Literally one of the best girly handles. OGE is included. And the IG has #36.2M hashtags if that’s necessary. Full account will be provided with the sale.

Payment method I only accept is Bitcoin. Do not bother messaging me if you do not have the funds ready or are unable to instantly acquire them. Only disclosing the username to ID VERIFIED members.

Do not sleep on this.

Don’t tell me how to live my life.

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But joking aside, great handle. Many celebs would probably like to have it.

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Send handle. Thanks

Amazing handle

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Always the best from me, got many more lowkey @'s I wanna list so let’s sell this first.

Edit: Current offer is $3200 BTC.

Huge throwback to this handle. Vouch for verdict love you sir

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Current offer is $3500

pm handle please

Current offer is $4000

This is being slept on.

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