BEST Instagram @'s For Sale



I am selling over 100+ OG Instagram handles. NONE of these were acquired illegitimately (trademarked, hacked, sim swapped or cracked etc). Every IG is 100% secure and contains its Original Email address.

New @'s are acquired almost daily! Purchase a handle from me and i’ll keep you updated every single day with new IG’s before selling publicly. I have buyers offsite and am one of the most known sources when it comes to OG Handles, I will not hold a username for you, because the chances are I will most likely sell it before you get the chance to do so. So be fast.

I am only disclosing the list to members who are verified here on SWAPD. Don’t know how to verify your ID? Check out this listing - How to become an ID verified member on SWAPD?

Payment option I only accept is Crypto Currencies (Bitcoins or Ethereum).


Sold a username offsite for $400. Let’s get some sales on here.


New @‘s have been claimed. Hit me up!


Still selling these, let’s get some sales.


message me the @


Pm me handles please.


Sold 2 usernames today offsite, y’all are sleeping on my handles zz. Let’s get some sales on here.


PM me all music related ones or 2 - 4 letters.


@Qyrex Verify your ID then hit me up again.


1 3 letter IG and a super OG ($4000+) claimed today!

Hit me up.


Sold an IG offsite today for $4500, have @‘s ranging from comedy, dark, IRL names, some of the best 2 characters and much more.

I sell out really fast so verify your ID (if you haven’t), hit me up for my list then purchase your final today!


can you send me good handle for facts or riddles!


Don’t have for that niche sorry!


Can you PM me @ list


Messaged everyone who is VERIFIED.


Please, can you PM the list of handles?

Thank you,


Pm List, Thank you.


Messaged everyone.

Have sold around $6000 worth of IG’s offsite in the last few days. Hmu!


Pm me the list.


Best handles you’ll find on this site, hit me up.