Best, Most Affordable & High Quality PR Services | Diamond Seller & 180+ Successful Tickets!

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I’m offering the most high-quality and affordable public relations service on SWAPD. As one of the original and go-to PR suppliers for nearly over 2 years, I’ve closed nearly 200 successful tickets and am assisting many individuals here, taking their name/brand to the next level.

I offer quick turn-around times, high-quality article writeups from a team of English, USA-based writers, affordable pricing/flexibility, and organic and non-sponsored/branded content articles.

I can cater to almost any niche of client. Whether you’re a: musician, entrepreneur, model (incl. OnlyFans), fitness trainer, fashion designer, doctor, lawyer, business/brand or crypto project - I can write about you and get you published!

Writing is provided with every order and is included in our costs. But, I can also publish most pre-written drafts, given that they’re suitable and abide by your desired outlet(s) terms of services.

Shoot me a private message to see my entire catalogue!
We make frequent monthly updates with price altercations, new publications & publishing/pricing exclusivity.

Here are some premium examples of high DA (Domain Authority) sites I can get you featured on:

News/LifeStyle Publications:

  • LA Weekly (EXCLUSIVE PRICING) - $250
  • Flaunt Magazine - $500
  • Grazia Magazine - $750
  • IB Times (NA) - $1250
  • E! News/E-Online (EXCLUSIVE) - $1250
  • Life & Style/OK! Magazine/InTouch Weekly (EXCLUSIVE) - $1500
  • Maxim Full Feature (EXCLUSIVE) - $2500
  • US Weekly (EXCLUSIVE) - $7500
    and more!

Music Publications:

  • Kazi Magazine - $75
  • Magnetic Magazine (EXCLUSIVE) - $200
  • EDM Tunes (EXCLUSIVE) - $200
  • YourEDM (EXCLUSIVE) - $250
  • Rap Reviews (EXCLUSIVE) - $250
  • Earmilk - $300
  • Dancing Astronaut (EXCLUSIVE) - $350
  • Lyrical Lemonade - $400
  • EDM .com - $750
  • XXL Mag - $1250
    and more!

Crypto Publications:

  • ZyCrypto - $125
  • Cryptopolitan - $300
  • Yahoo News/Finance - $350
  • Crypto News - $450
  • Hackernoon Full Feature - $500
  • Bitcoinist - $500
  • Bitcoin .com - $1500
    and more!

I also offer discounted bundles for several niches, such as:

  • Music, Luxury, Entrepreneur, Start-Ups, Organic, Crypto & Entertainment

Here are a few examples of bundles I can offer:

7x Music-Niched Publications:
$1550 + SWAPD Fees | 50-80+ DA | Google Indexed | SAVE $150!
Sites: Digital Music News, WeRaveYou, EDM Tunes, Magnetic Mag, Music News, YourEDM & AllHipHop

7x Entrepreneur-Niched Publications:
$4500 + SWAPD Fees | 50-80+ DA | Google Indexed | SAVE $950!
Sites: IB Times (NA), Success, Men’s Journal, The Richest, Digital Journal, LA Weekly & Daily Scanner

7x Entertainment-Niched Publications:
$5250 + SWAPD Fees | 50-80+ DA | Google Indexed | SAVE $900!
Sites: LA Weekly, LA Tribune, Flaunt Mag, Grazia Mag, OK! Mag, Men’s Journal & E! News

and more!


With our competitive pricing, we are easily reseller friendly and are already outsourcing to hundreds of people. Including entrepreneurs, other PR agencies and multiple members here on SWAPD. We will out-compete your current supplier(s) and handle all your deals!

If somebody offers a more affordable rate. I’ll be able to beat it 90% of the time - GUARANTEED!

If you’d like to see any examples of the publications I offer or if you have any additional questions, send me a PM, and I’ll do my best to answer as quickly as possible!


Bank Wire or USDT (Crypto) + SWAPD Fees (Not much as I am a Diamond Member)



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Price and Full List

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Price and Full List for resellers

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PM me list with prices.

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can you pm the list with prices

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