BEST OG IG SHOP (Over 450 @’s)

Please share the list

Best list you’ll ever find

How can you sell the usernames now that Instagram came up with the new update that the original owner can change back the username for up to 14 days? Is there a way not to wait 14 days?

Also, send list please.

Send @ please

Replied to everyone

Vouch for Verdict! Best @s in the com

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please send handles. Thanks

5 new handles claimed, hmu

Very interested, PM please

New users added, hmu

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Update on new @'s please. Thanks.

Bumping this

35 new @‘s claimed today, hmu :slight_smile:

Best list you’ll ever find :smiley:

Hoping to close a deal soon on here, hit me up! @‘s being sold daily.

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Sold a username on here for $550, hit me up & cop your final today!

Could you provide me more info regarding the handles for sale?


New listing has been made - BEST OG IG SHOP (NOW TAKING PAYPAL)

You may now close this @Swapd please :kissing_heart:

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