BEST OG TikTok's (2700+ @'s)

I am selling over 2700 OG TikToks. All of these have been acquired legitimately by myself and my partner throughout the year. I can guarantee you that you will not find any other handles that are better & safer than my list. Covering every niche and category.

Payment Options:

  • Transferwise is my main and preferred payment option.
  • Bitcoin
  • If paying in PayPal you will be paying 15% extra to cover all fees.

Additional Information:

  • You will be provided with full account details upon sale. Swapping/transferring to another account will be your responsibility, not mine.
  • OG email isn’t a thing for TikTok, and none of these will have OGE provided. So don’t bother asking me about it.
  • Prices for these usernames range from $100 to $10,000.
  • ALL of my given prices are firm if paying in PayPal. May offer discounts if paying in Bitcoin or Transferwise and if you’re purchasing in bulk.
  • I have many customers and contacts off this site, so please refrain from asking me to hold a specific username for you, because I can’t and won’t promise anything, if someone else is interested in purchasing it then I will sell it to them.
  • I’m not responsible for anything that happens after the sale. Such as you losing the handle during a swap/name change or if you were to be disabled/banned.

Updated: 3/12/2020

TikTok suffered from a private exploit/vuln a couple months ago which allowed users to hijack any account without a phone number attached to their account. Ever since this breach, the platforms security settings when updating/changing is a hit or miss. Sometimes, the email linked to our accounts cannot be changed because of this. It is extremely buggy, and the process can be somewhat annoying. Although, this shouldn’t deter you from making a purchase. All emails linked to our accounts belong to myself and my partner, nobody else. These are still the safest users on the market, and you’re purchasing from one of the most trusted vendors in the community.

ONLY disclosing the list to members who are ID VERIFIED. Please be sure to be verified before messaging me, you’ll be saving both of our times.


pm the list please.

Pm list please

So ugly


pm the list please.

Read my listing properly.

Pls pm list

Replied to everyone.

Sold one offsite today for $500 and have an open ticket here on SWAPD.

Hit me up!

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Marking as premium and spotlight as the list is pretty decent and extensive


Please send me the list.

Raymond finally has his hands on everything. Vouch for babe

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Please send list. Thanks

Please send list

Please send me the list. Happy New Year!

PM the list, please.

Replied to everyone! Lot’s of demand for these, let’s get some sales.

List please

Just sold one offsite for $1700 PayPal, let’s get some more sales :slight_smile:

Can you Dm me the list please

Please send the list. Thanks.