BEST OG TikTok's (2700+ @'s)

@Verdict Thank you for the smooth transaction and a Happy New Year 2020 for all :slight_smile:

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send handles :slight_smile: pls

Sold a TT on here for $1000. Best investment for 2020 so hop on it now before it’s too late.


Interested please dm

Pm list please

send list please

Replied to everyone who is ID verified.
New names have been claimed.
Currently in an open ticket for 3 names on here.

Hit me up!!

PM names please!

pm list please.

Sales have been going crazy offsite, let’s get some more done on here!

Could you PM me the list please?

Handle list please??

Replied to everyone. New users have been claimed and added to my list.

PM list, please! Thanks

PM Me the updated list thanks

Ok the list please my price limit is 4,500 if you don’t want to send the full list

List please!

Replied to everyone, if I missed you then message me instead.

Cutie has an insane list for every budget

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New to TikTok…how important are OG usernames compared to Instagram/Twitter? How important is the concept of “followers” compared to Instagram/Twitter in terms of reach and building audience?