BEST OG Twitter @‘s

Please can you Pm the list

Bumping this, best list you’ll find.

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Just sold a twitter offsite for $800 BTC. Trust me, you won’t find anything better than my list.

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Bumping this, new twitter’s claimed

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vouch for @Verdict’s lists - has the best in the game

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New usernames acquired over the last few days. Hit me up for my list.

New usernames claimed, hmu

Please send list. Thanks.

Hi can you send the list please

Verify your ID through @VERIFICATION then hit me up again

please pm the list.

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Bumping this

Hi, can you please send the list?


Just sold a twitter and claimed a new one, hmu :slight_smile:

New @'s claimed, hmu

PM handles please

2 New users claimed :slight_smile:

@SWAPD where my premium tag at? :kissing_heart:

Your list is pretty solid and you’ve been a good seller. Premium tag added.

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Kiss me

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Come here you sexy beast!

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