Best science/viral niche IG handle

Property type: IG Handle
Why is it unique?: Handle with an actual insane niche potential, not like those random words you see often
Price: Best offer

Putting this here even if i’m far for sure about selling because i wanna grow it but i’m having an hard time finding a good growth service (now don’t hmu with random account management follow/unfollow services pls i’m looking for people who can grow 10k in 2-3 days with s/o).
Also don’t bother asking for the handle unless you are identity verified
This is the best viral niche handle in the market imho and will not sell for cheap surely

Can you please dm the Handle

Please pm me the @

Pmd both

Handle please!

pm the handle please.

Handle please?

handle plz

Can you PM the handle please? Working in a science space right now myself.