⚠️ Beware When Dealing Snapchat [👻] Deals!

Dear SWAPD Community!

I do not intend to ruin anyone’s business, but I have seen increasing rise in those in the market, and people are being misinformed & mislead.

Recently, two exploits have been abused in the market.

#1) Fake verification

How to differentiate?

  1. Real verification would take longer than 10 seconds upon login.

  2. The gold star must be present everywhere (profile, story, old & new chats, etc).

  3. If it were real verification, you would see the badge on https://snapchat.com/add/{username}.

  4. Real verification is MEANT TO BE on the public profile, it should not be apart of the service’s requirements to disable it.

#2) Font @'s

How to differentiate?

  1. Cannot be searched.

  2. QR codes will not work.

  3. Can be duped / replicated on multiple accounts.

  4. Can be any fonts / other language characters / shorter than 4 letters.

  5. You will usually be able to tell by the price, as it would be ridiculously lower than what the real word’s value would otherwise have been.

Do not get scammed, deal with caution, and always double-check the points above. If you still wish to proceed with buying those accounts/services, be advised that there is a higher chance of bans, and that you are overpaying.


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Thanks for the info :facepunch:t3:


Thanks for the heads up.

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