Big ig+spotify network [huge opportunity]

Well well well, the time has come for me to say goodbye to my lovely network. Not going to talk a lot of nonsense, going to be straight forward. This is a huge opportunity for people who knows how to make money with instagrams or spotify.

I’m going to sell my lofi/aesthetics niche network which has around 1M followers in total and few usernames are finals which are exploding and growing 1k/day now from 30-50k followers.

Also i will add 2 lofi playlists which have 11k+ and 20k+ followers, they are totally organic and were grown via network/facebook ads and also they are active playlists so whoever knows how to make money from these can easily pull 1-3k/month only from this already.

I’ll also add a fresh youtube that was created related to lofi music for the network and has 700 subs, not much but a nice way to start something huge there.

Package contains 9 instagram accounts (they’re 50k+) highest account is 250k. 2 of them as i mentioned above are final usernames which alone are worth like 3-5k$
only one account has no oge.

You have an opportunity here to build something huge which is already started, due to lack of time in my life currently i can’t keep building it. Keep in mind these accounts together reach many millions of people each month.


To see the usernames/playlists and more information send me pm with POF.


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How were the playlists grown? SMM panel or Facebook ads? Do you have proof of the growth?

I want this

via our instagram network and facebook ads, we didint use any smm panels, its only real and organic followers. Yes, i do have proof of the growth.

Can you send a link to your Instagram network and screenshot of FB Ads? Can bring you label clients

I can send you the screenshots if you’re interesting in purhcasing the network itself, currently don’t need label clients. Thanks!


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