Birds meme IG account 45K

Country of followers (majority): US, Brazil
Amount of fans/followers: 45K
Topic/Niche: Meme/Birds
Promotion methods used? Organic/S4S/
Does it include the OG (original) email?: No

Description: Account creation date - January 5, 2018. Every day there is a growth in followers. Suitable for both personal and commercial purposes.

Unlisted until you upload actual screenshots from Instagram showing all the required analytics.

And if this personal account and it does not show statistics?

You’ll have to make it into a business account to display analytics.

Without analytics screenshots possible? I don’t want to do this with a business account.

You cannot list accounts without analytics screenshots. All it takes is 3 clicks to make an account into a business account; you don’t even need to link it to an FB account. I don’t see why you’re unable to do so?

Thanks, Done

Also, does this account sale include the original e-mail or no?

Unfortunately not


Thank you for using SWAPD.