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Hey guys,

I’ve been on and off SWAPD for a while, but only now have decided to officially join the community and set off by offering one of my services (that have yet to be made available here).

Long story short, these are premium & targeted press releases that will be placed on the world’s top media outlets - Bloomberg, NASDAQ, as well as a few others. If you’re aiming to break the news and launch an effective press release that’s actually monitored by top journalists & avoid getting the trashy PR that’s submitted to hundreds of FOX, ABS, NBC, CBS knockoffs, then this offer is for you. Your press release will be placed on the actual Bloomberg & NASDAQ main domains.

Package: guaranteed + 10 top sites as a non-guaranteed bonus (, Yahoo Singapore, Yahoo Australia, Asahi, advFN, AsiaOne …) for $1,800 + SWAPD fees
*with NASDAQ 100% guaranteed it’s $800 extra.

Basically, if it’s a solid release about a decent topic, it’s highly likely to get featured on NASDAQ and the other top sites (as a bonus). If it’s a mediocre one and doesn’t make it to NASDAQ as part of the initial PR, then you can pay extra for a separate submission to get a 100% inclusion there.


  1. Bloomberg (+ non-guaranteed 10 top sites incl. NASDAQ) for $1800 + SWAPD fees

  2. Bloomberg & NASDAQ (+ non-guaranteed 10 top sites) for $2600 + SWAPD fees

  3. NASDAQ (standalone) for $1300 + SWAPD fees

Transferwise / BTC

Please comment below for samples and I’ll send a PM. Cheers!

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