Bluesky invitation codes [5 left to redeem]

I have 8 invites for joining Bluesky, the hottest new social media platform.

Price for 1 invites: $300

Payment method: Bank transfer / ETH / BTC

Who wants one?

Update May 19th: 5 invite codes left


Successfully completed 1 BlueSky invitation on site.

7 codes left. Get yours now.


Successfully completed 2 BlueSky invitation on site.

6 codes left. Get yours now.

Vouch :pray:t3:

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A few codes left.

With an invitation code you can register with your Bluesky account and claim your handle before the social networks opens to the public.

I vouch! Delivered invite code which works.

Only 5 invitation codes left.

Is the platform going to be big or just be the next truth social ?

Yes, it seem like it!

It was created by Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter. Bluesky is all over the news these days:

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