Book Hotels cheaper than ANY site on the internet - guaranteed. WHOLESALE RATES via Private Portal

You will receive access to a private portal that will give you wholesale rates on hotels.

  • Works worldwide
  • Works on all levels of hotels, including 5 star
  • Unlimited # of bookings
  • 100% legal
  • Prices shown will beat ANY price you see publicly available online, even those from Hotwire, Expedia, priceline, etc.
  • You will receive your own login under your name/email

Below is an example trip to show you the savings on a one week stay at the 5 star Waldorf Astoria in Las Vegas, March 4-11, 2024.

$750 for 1 year
$1,300 for 3 years

TAT: 24 hours

*disclaimer: There are over one million hotels in inventory. Not all hotels in the world are available. If you want me to check on any specific properties before purchasing, I can see if it’s available and also run comps for you to compare vs public pricing. Upgraded room types are not generally discounted; most savings are for standard rooms with 1-2 beds.If you travel solo or with a significant other, this is perfect. Since discounts are not applied to upgraded room types or suites, this is not really suitable for families. Discounts vary by city, hotel, dates, and duration of stay.

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Interested. Please send info

Interested, please dm. Thank you,

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