Brand new Dropshipping Store + Dropshipping Mentoring

Domain name:
Website included?: Yes
Price: 650$ + Swapd Fee
400$ without paypal and stripe
800$ / month Mentoring Fee (active 15/hours a day so you’ll be getting quick replies from me + step by step all process learning or if needed i would do the store work for you :wink:


Hi, I’m selling this brand new Dropshipping store complete setup with verified paypal and verified stripe ( will integrate them upon deal )

This includes:

Logo, 1 year Domain (godaddy), shopify store ( on trial at the moment ) + support after sale.

Paypal is UAE’s country & Stripe is GERMANY’S just link your payonert and recieve payments via PayPal ( instantly ) and via credit / debit card within 8 days in your payoneer.

Why am i selling?

I created it for someone else but that guy delayed the deal and then finally after 10 days he refused to pay saying he’s got some problems.

I’ve started dropshipping last year, worked 6 months and 3 different stores. Made over 80k$ in total ( 30k$, net profit ) from all 3 stores in 6 months.

In my journey, I’ve gathered alot of knowledge and developed lots of strategies to work it out in the lowest budget possible with great ROI’s.

To drive sales i used fb, ig, twitter influencers.
Rented out fb pages & used google ads.

So if you want to into dropshipping or you’re already in it but on a learning phase then i can really help you out in making alot of money out of this.
What i can teach you:
how to manage your store, orders, products etc.
How to find winning / trending / hot products with great margins.
How to and where to find and identify reliable suppliers
How to deal with customers
How to work on multiple platforms at once to get maximum traffic and sales. Like running ads / getting oaid posting on fb pages, marketing products on twitter trading networks, instagram influencers etc.
How to manage your costs, and gain more profits, and making money with consistency cause consistency is the beauty of this business.

To discuss more about mentoring pm me.


I can buy the site plus your mentoring if you can help me to scale this BIG

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Sure i can.

You have already completed the site, with products. All automated thru Oberlo?

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Nope. By using oberlo your margins gets less. I use AliExpress and few of my own suppliers which I’ve found to get maximum profits.

Based on your advice, and I am not really a new newbie at dropshipping, it would be better, and quicker, if you can design a site with a KILLER product/niche and provide mentoring? This would allow me to scale faster without wasting time.

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Okay then pm me your requirements.

Well researched killer product/niche. Ready to blast off from day 1, bro! As u have experience, you probably know the targeting options, etc.

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Well, i know the targeting etc + i have other strategies of boosting sales n traffic.

Researching a killer product will take time + the charges for a researched product and niche store are different than this one. know the price and will take it from there. If this store takes off, we will be doing a lot more business than u can imagine, bro.

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