Bro = Scammer

Just some random chit chat here, but has anyone noticed that most people who are scammers on social media call other people “bro”. I think every time I’ve ever been scammed for a page, the scammer usually has called me “bro”. Anyone else agree or have experienced this?

Nah bruv lmao, just usually when they have broken ass english

I nearly almost want to kill myself when a buyer/seller refers to me as bro. It’s gotten to a point where I ask them not to do it. Once or twice is fine but some people use bro 5 times in a sentence.


That true :slight_smile:

Indians use bro often, dont know about others accent, here it is very usual and common. so no probs with us bro

I have to totally agree on that. First off its unprofessional when doing business deals and second off its unnecessary when people use it over and over again. Usually when they’re using it repetitively as so, they’re just trying to avoid a question or change the topic.

that’s a thumbs down. may be it’s an “YES” in ur country, but here in India bro is like dude.