BUDGET 10K$ - I’m looking to purchase Animals/ Pets Facebook pages (Good Active) **HIGH RATE**

I’m looking to purchase Good Active Facebook Fanpages, primarily US based or use English.
Amount of followers: > 10k
Topic/Niche: ANIMALS or PETS and a similar niche if possible
HIGH RATE depends on the # of fans, the niche/theme, etc.

#animals #pets

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@Scorpion has 100+ Pets Facebook Pages


Thank you for mentioning @Comfy. I’ve already sent him full list of pages.

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Selling multiple pages.
Used 2 months with Instant Articles only.

All of them in 100-130k range.

Im not an reseller - selling my own pages.

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pm me. tks


you can make pages on your own by my method :slight_smile:

I have them available.

send me link thank u

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