Bulk post scheduling for facebook page

Hey guys,

Need some advice for post scheduling for facebook.

What’s a good service to use for bulk scheduling.

For example if I have 100 photos that I need to upload to my facebook page but want each one posted with a 1 or 2 hour gap between them is there a service I could use to do this in bulk instead of uploading each one and manually scheduling each post and setting the time and date for each post.

I know there are some websites that offer this but what do you think is the best one for bulk and let me know your experience.


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Follow up on this, but looking for bulk scheduling Instagram instead of Facebook.

Not sure if I am correct, but I was under the impression that using these auto posting services automatically meant decreased reach? I’ve read a case study that services like Hootsuite/etc aren’t welcomed and Facebook throttles things a tad if they’re used.

This is true. I have used Buffer and Hootsuite .
Posting with services like buffer significantly decrease the reach and engagement.
Attached two screenshots . One is posted via buffer and the other was scheduled normally. both almost 1 hour 15 minutes apart.

You can see the result.