Bunch of Ad Breaks (Full Steps Green) Pages Available For Sale {Ready for Ad Breaks}

Country of followers (majority): Any.
Amount of followers: 10000+
Topic/Niche: Any.
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: We can get as many pages you want full green, and ready for Ad Breaks. Depending upon Orders 150$ per page. This pages are used to start Ad Breaks, you just need to add your payment details and you’re ready to earn via Ad Breaks. Share this pages videos to your main pages and earn in this pages or crosspost the videos to earn more. We have team to work daily and make unlimited pages like this everyday!

Here are the samples of pages:

For more, send me an Message and I will answer your questions.

130$ for first 5 orders, hurry up.

These views are completed Via Bot/Panels?

I don’t know. My team members get this pages!

Afterall, this pages are for starting Ad Breaks it’s not for Earnings. You can earn money via Ad Breaks just by sharing or crosspost videos in your main big active pages!

This views are from groups or sharing in pages or panels or bots as you said maybe.

confirm from your team if they are organic views as a few pages i bought with panel views on them got restricted and disabled for adsbreak. not disturbing your sales but its good to sell legit things specially in swapd community.

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This are legit pages and once you add your payment details you’re ready to earn money via Ad Breaks, many of my customers are working on this pages and never faced any issues. Maybe you were caught in something else. Facebook track IP’s if we don’t work on their Community Standards. No problem, thank you for your interest in my properties.



Limit your bumps to once every 48 hour.

How much likes on each page? Country?

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Okay. Thanks for informing!

10,000+ and Indonesia

We can also get English named pages, depending upon orders.




Let me ask my team members and get back to you soon.

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Many pages are ready and we can also take orders depending upon your request running Facebook Boosting.

I need to buy one page that can run adbreak, please pm me.