Buy unpublished page

I buy unpublished page.

The page must have 70%+ tier1 fans, 400k+ followers.

Contact me if you have any.


Seems like you found a way to get them republished :joy:

hey brother are you interested in a page 42k premium only for 60$

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Not realy. I’m just fliping unpublished pages.

42k is too small. :smiley:

I have one with USA and UK fans but it has 55k fans niche is iPhone :stuck_out_tongue: let me know if you are interested

I’m interested.


Hey, 150k fans?

150k is too small.

We had our network of over 50million fans unpublished/deleted. Willing to pay a lot if you have a way to recover them…

I`ll give you 50$

I`m interested…p.m me

I`m interested