Buy with original email address or not? - IG account

Hey Guys,
I’m a very new and beginner but I would like to trade with IG accounts. Buy, gain and sell - this is the original plan but before I start I would like to learn.
I know the best experience coming from myself but maybe you can share with me your experience about the buying - selling things. What and how should I do to be saved, what should I learn, where should I start learn etc etc!
Thank you very much! :wink:


Welcome to SWAPD. There really is no science to this. Buy low, sell high :slight_smile: I’d recommend you stay away from artificial means of growing accounts (engagement networks/buying fake followers/etc) and concentrate on real and organic activity. Those properties are worth the most. Probably the best advice I could give you is never trust ANYONE in this business. It’s one of the most scam-infested industries I’ve encountered online. On one hand, it’s great for business (we sell safety). On the other hand, it makes things depressing seeing all these people cheat each other.

Where should you start?
Try to gauge the value of these properties. Just so you don’t overpay on your first investments.

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Thank you!

Which on is better based on your experience?
Buy an IG account with original email address or without?

Definitely with, as buying Instagram accounts without their original email can be quite risky.

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Unless it’s super cheap, don’t risk your money with accounts that do not come with the original email.

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