Buying a big YouTube Channel

Looking to buy a Big YouTube Channel with at least +50K subs but can be more . (The more subs the better). Language preference is English and niche preference is Gaming but welcoming any and all options.

Whats yiur budget

Depends on what you have to offer. You can send me the URL and screenshots along with your quote as well.

I have 90k channel with music parodies. 6 vids but over 4M views. Motenized, no violations. audience europe, but most of ukraine, russia, belarus. if you are interested please reply to me and I can give you screenshots

Thank you for writing and apologies for the late reply. Unfortunately, the niche as well as the audience language is different from the requirement. A compromise on one of them would be something to think about but on both seems like a pickle. If you happen to come by anything else, feel free to let me know.

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