BUYING Fanpages with TIER 1 fans (Premium fans)

Property type: Fanpages (one or many)
Amount of fans/followers: higher than 100k
Country of followers (majority): TIER 1 (US, UK, Canada, New Zeland, Europe etc)
Topic: Any topic (except Sports)
Price: 5.000 USD


I would like to BUY very active facebook fanpages. I mean pages with more than 100k fans, and with a link reach of more than 20k. We have large budget but still we know the market and prices. Additionally we can cooperate on other parts also, such as pay per link share etc.

Please sent to me You offer (price, url and insights on people and post reach).

Thank You.

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Thank you and good luck with sales!

i have a very good premium page active according to you match , detail pm you

Moving this to buyer requests.

Hi There!

Property type: Facebook
Amount of fans/followers: 104,588
Country of followers (majority): USA
Topic: Martial Arts / Sports
Price: Best Offer

Description: +104k martial arts fans followers with high engagement (Avg.: 90K). 34% of the followers are from the United States, rest is from all over the world, mostly 25 - 44 years old (85% Men, 14% Women). See the attached files with some insights and fans testimonials. I am building this Martial Arts community since 2014, with daily postings, AD campaigns and weekly interaction with the fans. The niche is very passionate with a lot of potential. Selling it because I must working on a new family business and don’t have time. Serious buyers only.

Do Not post handles Publically

I would be willing to transfer ownership of this FB community and the rest of the accounts, including the online store with all products to another user. I do not have a number in mind but it could be nearly 30K. It is important to consider that I am building this Martial Arts community since 2014, with daily postings, ad campaigns and daily interaction with the fans. The niche is very specific with a lot of potential.

For the FB community only, it could be nearly 20K

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

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