Buying genuine US traffic

I need US traffic for my website, people mainly interested in liberal politics. Contact me for other niche as well.
Ready to pay $50 per post for minimum 10k visits. (EDITED)

So that’s $1.75 per 1000 tops correct??

Or around $2000 per month, I believe that is a fair price. Correct me if I’m wrong, I’m new at this. Maybe 40k visits is way to optimistic?

40k visits for 70$ usa social referred traffic!? Please anyone who is ready to offer this I’ll buy too :slight_smile:


Like the minimum CPM is like 5 bucks per 1000. You can get up to 9/10 bucks.

40k US Traffic isn’t the problem, its just worth about 280 bucks

Got you, like I said I’m not quite familiar with this.
Then $50 for 10k US traffic, prefer people interested in liberal politics.
Please be free to contact me for other niche as well.

That’s all cool, was only asking for my own clarification.

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Topic edited.

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