[BUYING] Small YouTube Channels (1000+ subs + 4000+ watch hours) with No Strikes

Hi, everyone. I am looking to buy small monetized channels of the following specifications.

Amount of subscribers: over 1000 but less than 1500
Country of subscribers (majority): Does not matter
Topic/Niche: Does not matter
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation):
Non-Organic or botted is fine as long as there has not been any problem so far and you have had a good record of not getting them demonetized

Description: As long as the channel is monetized and does not have any strikes, I do not have any preference on what niche it has been created in or targeted towards.

My budget is about 200 to 250 per channel. I would like to buy in bulks.

If you have any stocks, please send the channel link, current screenshot of the youtube.com/features page, and your prices.

I will trade with sellers based on their verified status on this forum and also their trade records.

Thanks, everyone.


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Thanks, Alpha! (Sorry for the trouble!)

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