Buying Specific Facebook Groups / Pages

I am looking for trusted partners to buy Facebook Groups & Pages from long-term.

For the below specifically listed styles of groups I will pay good prices.
This is a good LONG-TERM partnership if you are constantly acquiring groups.
Looking for extremely engaged groups, it doesn’t matter the amount of members but how engaged the community is.

Regions of Value Include:
-United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Germany, Norway.

Content of Value:

  • Sports / Famous Sports Celebrities
  • Gaming / Esports
  • Casino / Poker / Las Vegas / Cruise Casio / General Casino Content
  • Lottery Groups
  • Cryptocurrency / Investment
  • Business & Business Advice
  • General Geo-related groups (for example Canadian Car Enthusiasts)


Please DM me and we can discuss further!


Check P,m😛

10k to 2m groups available if want to buy inbox me


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Bumping again guys! Please send me through everything you have. I am looking for the above niches and will pay good prices.

I have 3 group now

keto diet niche group 500k in 15k$

Hi guys - still looking for all FB groups / pages!! Please message me :slight_smile:

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pm please

The only Meta Verfied Agency is here, DM check :blue_heart: :gem: