Buying youtube accounts with 10k+ subs

Hello guys! I’m looking to buy aged (old) youtube accounts with at least 10000 subs the more the better please let me know if you have accounts I will buy all of them post account and pricing

Hiii. Minimum requirement to BUY/SELL YouTube Accounts on SWAPD is 10k Subs. Thanks

Sorry I have made a mistake

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I sold a 200 sub account through @Swapd few weeks back :thinking:

That was a one-time mistake, our admin in training allowed that to go through because of an omission on her part. Rest assured, that won’t happen again.


do you have more youtube accounts

Still looking to buy accounts with 10000 subscirbers or more let me know please I need them urgently

Hello @usmanshahid512 what is your budget, I have channels with more than what you need however, they are relatively new. Let me know if you can consider.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Or if you can advise via PM perhpas if what is your budget for Aged channel. Please let me know.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I have pmed you reply please

Hello Usma, I just got back from travel. I am sending you reply now :slight_smile:

what is your budget i have some channels

ok replied sorry have been busy

send me links in PM mate I will offer you