Can someone explain us how we can earn from a Dog Related Instagram Account?

I know that for someone is unbelievable, but it has been more than 3-4 years working with Instagram, most of accounts dogs/pet related, and until now i have earned around 100-150$ (from shoutouts).

Sorry for my bad english, but i need an opionion or help from you, so please if u had great experience with those type of Instagraam Account, please tell us.

So, most of the time i have spent growing instagram accounts with follow/unfollow method, it seems to be a great method first 1-2 months, but… then after a few weeks, no acitivty, no likes, no enough reach…

Months ago i heard for engagment groups, but i really dont have time to start a new page from 0.

So, all what i can do now, find a new way of earning from those instagram accounts raised with F/U method…
Accounts i have: 20.000 followers,

Can someone please help me?

That’s your problem. Building via follow/unfollow usually means low-quality accounts/not interested fans/followers. You can’t expect to earn anything decent unless your property is prime. Engagement groups are even worse. Basically, you’re approaching this in a wrong way. You can’t force-grow accounts and expect them to earn. Create successful accounts be creating meaningful content, and believe me, the money will follow.

Thanks for the reply, @Swapd

But, can please explain for example what type of page? How it’s possible to grow an account without thoose two methods i said?!
I am able to work another 3-4 month focusing on a new page more than 5-6 hours per day, only if i know that after all this i can earn 100-150$ per month… But how?

I am not good with Instagram monetizing so I am the wrong person to ask. But I know for a fact that bad properties will lead you nowhere. You can’t just copy things and expect to go big. Create your own ideas, buy shoutouts on popular properties, and if your content is good, you will go viral overnight.

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