Can someone make a guide on how to profit from trading accounts?


I am looking for some guidance on how to evaluate the value of accounts and what metrics to use to set the value of a certain account (Whether it’d be per social platform [Twitter account or IG account, what’s worth more?] per followers, per likes ratio, per demographic, per daily activity %, per growth data chart). It’d be cool if Swapd had a calculator or even a guide (ie. free post, a course that people can buy).

I feel like social media is transforming into a marketplace with many middleman services which is exactly how the real estate market works. People study to buy real estate and I think social media accounts should be treated the same. Would love to pay for consultation with someone who can teach my interns or just reach out to see if anyone can send some resources. I know this is the right forum to ask but I didn’t know which section to post this in.

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I don’t think such a calculator can even be built for this niche, mainly because of two factors that would be hard to convert into numbers:

  1. Buyer demand.
  2. The current state of the platform in question.

For example, Fanpages were once selling like hotcakes. You could make 5000 USD by selling one 200K page. With a few FB updates, that changed almost overnight.

Also, buyer demand is the biggest factor that affects the price. For example, I personally owned a Twitter that wasn’t worth more than 200-300 USD to your average Joe. I’ve held it for a while and via a dash of luck sold it for 10,000 USD. This industry is very unique, properties are like shares of a company in a stock market. Sometimes they go up in value, sometimes they drop and become worthless. You need to track trends to know your way around. I’ve been doing this almost 10 years and even today I consider myself clueless when pricing things out.

In short, buy low, sell high :smiley: