Can verify facebook and IG accounts

If you have press articles about yourself or company we can submit your accounts for verification - process takes 5 to 7 days max

strong track record and worked with many well known influencers

PM me if interested


What are the requirements for verification? Is access needed? Moved this to unique services.

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No access is required - we just submit the account

The account needs to be a public figure, musician or influencer or well known brand

They need to have articles written about them too like in forbes, inc, huff post etc - have a strong google presence

We offer a full refund if the account is denied


Thank you for answering and good luck with sales!

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Im interested…

How can you verify an Instagram account when it’s against their TOS?

Can I request a verified badge for my profile?:

Right now, only some public figures, celebrities and brands have verified badges. It’s not currently possible to request or purchase a verified badge.


Instagram employees can put the request in. The listing is either a middle man to an IG employee or IG employee.

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we offer a full refund if not successful!

Will SWAPD hold the money while we wait for verification?


@Swapd check u check this out from the seller if so that be great!

We only do checkups during checkout. If the seller isn’t able to deliver, you get a refund as we hold the funds.


Very interesting. Looking forward to working with you.

Please confirm if you can Verify my personal Facebook ID? If so, then how much will it cost?

Seller appears to be asking for 4000 not 3000 in private message

its 3k for verification

3k to 8k for usernames

sure but you need press articles about you - we can’t just verify anyone