Case Study: How to spot THE WORST type of Instagram account. Bots and automation look just like this

We’re taking the opportunity to show you guys one of the worst accounts we’ve seen in the past few months. This property comes from one of our tickets. Normally, I wouldn’t reveal the sellers’ property, but he/she signed up with fake information, used a temporary phone provider to join SWAPD, and lied about his/her identity. On top of everything, the scammer tries to pawn this trash account onto one of our buyers.

The account in question is here:
Instagram ID: 1917145782 (in case he/she changes the URL)

Exhibit A

100K followers in a day? This screams fake.

Do you see the top graph? See the sudden spike in followers? If you see something like that, check the account to see if there is some uber-over-the-top viral post. If there isn’t, the account is 100% fake and the followers are bots.

Exhibit B

The wonderful generic comments of bots:

I am just posting one photo, but I encourage you to browse around the account and read the comments. This is usually one of the best ways of checking for fake activity. This account is so bad that most of the comments do not relate to any of the photos.


We hope our members will find the time to check these basic things themselves, before opening tickets. We don’t mind helping you out and doing the work for you, this is what we get paid for. But we will do our best to educate the less expirienced users on how to avoid and spot bad properties.

<3 you guys!


Thanks for this guys!

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Socialblade no longer working though so it got harder

SocialBlade has 5 million IG accounts in their database. Albeit, it’s now old data, but there is still plenty to use for months/years to come. Until Instagram allows access to this data, no tools will report on the things we need to see.

How all the audit services can see the top countries, amount of followers, engagements & more and social blade cant show followers growth?

Which other tools? I know Instagram limited most of the most important data you can pull, but that was a while ago, perhaps it’s back? for example

Thanks, will look into it and report back!

Yeah, isn’t accurate. Since the API restrictions, they no longer provide real data. They work off “forecast values based on the accumulated historic data.”

How do we work now?
We have accumulated several years’ worth of historic data about the dynamics of audience indicators and blogger parameters (audience size, engagements etc.). The latest data points are from April 4, 2018 — when Instagram announced it was closing access to the majority of functions from its API. Since that moment, instead of real data obtained via the API we have been using forecast values based on the accumulated historic data. Nothing changes for our clients: the interface and API remain the same, you can still use all the audience data reports and influencer identification.

Long story short, guesses things now, and they can’t pull data for now accounts. This goes for ALL social tools (for Instagram), period.

Do you really predict the future? Is that even possible?
It is possible, if the parameter we’re forecasting doesn’t behave completely randomly — if it obeys some regularities that can be tracked from the history of its previous values. For instance, we can’t yet predict prices on the stock market :slight_smile: Most audience parameters and blogger parameters show deterministic behavior and can therefore be forecast.

This is just their way of saying “keep using us, we’re still relevant.” Predictions are predictions, that’s it. But, their historical data is still good, like SocialBlade.

I’ll add another thing to check, this is from an account about 2 months ago with a user who accused us of not
Understanding explore pages and that auditing was flawed.

But the perfect example is that not only are the comments botted but it shows clearly that the other users are just click farm style accounts also.

This was a basketball account, yet look at the user commenting, girly accounts, car and luxury accounts. They don’t fit the niche of the account or aren’t real followers.

It shows the user was using services like gramblr, fuel gram and DM groups, which means the account grows but engagement is worthless. Naturally after 2 days of arguing the user admitted using fuelgram, hence its E score.

So check accounts for users and make sure they add up and don’t chase large numbers. In this case quality beats quantity every time.


Is there a tool now that people use to see follower growth over time while auditing IG accounts? I use Hyper Auditor but the view is short (usually last 1 month)

Swapd is the best! Love it!


We use - It’s slow and not the best, but it’s been correct in 95% of cases. We avoid HyperAuditor as it predict most things. They use what they call “forecasted values”, and in my personal tests I found they’re incorrect about 35% of times.

Really good to know will try shortly