Celebrity Shares on 150M+ Network



Service type:Celebrity Shares

Hi, I work with big world famous celebrities, movie stars and music stars.

I am offering paid share service on their Facebook pages for a cheap price + discounts for bulk buyers.

One network share can easily get 1-3 millions of views and if the content is viral even 100M+ views.

-No Adult Content
-Checkout only through swapd.

DM for details.


Alrighty, it seems the cat is out of the bag and everyone has access to these celeb shares now, right? These services keep popping up now.


Yes, there are 3 or 4 different users here providing the same exact thing with the same pages…

I think out there should be a celebrity sharing platform where they are just reselling what that platform provides


Not the same thing tough. Others sell them from one company we work with, but they dont have access to other celebs we have. And that guy listing pages publically wont have access soon :o


i can vouch for Otto, ive worked with him before and he does great work and does indeed have access to what he says he has




I can vouch for Otto too. He delivers whats promissed.


Is there by any chance the cat’s name is Cameo?


Thanks for the explanation @toms and the vouch!


Could you please share the profiles by pm? Thanks.


PM sent , and thanks for the vouches! My service is 100% legit.


Ludacris have 19M fans on Facebook. The page shared Web post on December 8, and got 60 likes. This is outrageous.



Ludacris have 19M fans on Facebook. The page shared Web post on December 8, and got 60 likes. This is outrageous.

Try sharing an empty black square, it will get more engagement :wink: Blaming bad content on page audience is something newbies do. You should check the content that has worked there to get a sense of possible results.


My criticism was directed to Facebook.


Facebook just took your criticism and lowered the reach by 10% more :smiley:


BTW the post was about an up-coming event ( All my Fans in Los Angeles & Anaheim CA!! I’m coming to do a special end of 2018 intimate performance at the House Of Blues Anaheim December 29! Get your tickets NOW!)


FB is what it is. Good original content somehow manages to get reach still. I think its the time we just accept it its no longer the good old days and try to work on the quality bit more. Hurts, but change is always painful.


This can be a little bit dangerous. This is notification which I get after some shares on other pages. So take care.


@Jeronimo034 Ive heard about people getting this on their regular pages, but we havent been able to reproduce it. can you guide me through all steps until this appeared? and is that a chan or a page?


Unreal, so its better not to have any viral content?