Celebrity Shares on 150M+ Network



Oh wow.

We have never had issues like these before.


We have 12 pages with almost 3mil fans. Every day we share 3 or 4 videos on each page from page where we have ad break. Now we stop with sharing.
We didn’t write apeal bcs we don’t know what to say :slight_smile:
Tomorrow we will go again, but we will share only 2 posts.
And one more thing, they killing us with ad approving…50k+ views goes nowhere for each video…


I think that if you own all the pages with one business manager you’ll not have anymore problems by re-sharing or cross sharing from one page to other page…

But if you manage them from different business managers then to Facebook it seema like you are involved on sharing schemes…

If you own all pages, then Facebook knows that admins will reshare they content from page to page.

Same thing for the domains, you should add all the domains you use to your business manager, like this you can reshare that domains links all over the pages you own with your BM.


That have sense. I don’t have all pages in manager, I will add them and I will check it. Thanks for idea!


Some days ago Facebook automatically created a business manager for all my pages I hadn’t owned on my current business manager and added all this pages there…

They were all small pages, 1k - 10k, that’s why I think that this is the problem…

Now, I have 2 business managers, lol


Hey guys much love and respect for the vouches, but please keep the posts service related. This is turning into a public blog now.


Can you please pm profiles?


Pls pm profiles


Please pm me the links of pages


You’re not allowed to sell this on SWAPD as a non-premium member or VIP.

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