Celebrity shares



Hey we offer the cheapest celebrity shares great prices for people who can’t afford the stupid prices

Selling share slots on the below pages:

Akon - 50m
The game - 8m
Sean Kingston - 8.7m
Lil Twist - 4.2m
Fantasia- 6m
J holiday 3.4m
Ludacris - 3.4m
Bow wow - 6.8m
Charlie Sheen - 5.4m

Can offer the service to all busineses and people with a strong budget Can offer discounts for mutiple shares. We dont accept porn or risky content.

We do accept e-commerece and other business niches

Minimum budget is $$$

Any questions let me know!

Celebrity shares at affordable prices

Almost everyone is posting this @Swapd haha do something bro…


What am I supposed to do? It seems everyone now has the connect to these celebs are they’re likely managed by one company.

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