Change Verified Name on TikTok

Looking to buy method to change verified name without losing verification. We can submit for review, but realistically what are the best practices? Please no highballs. This is a simple help. Perhaps it could have been a discussion post.

You have identity documents that matches your desired name?

It’s for a brand name. Any methods possible? What about this:

Can you change your name in 2 parts?

Example your TikTok User is: @redapple
Desired username is: @pinkwatermelon

So you submit a name change to: @redwatermelon
Once accepted you change to: @pinkwatermelon

Is this method possible like as on Meta? If not, do we 1 shot it over to @pinkwatermelon?


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dm me, we could try to use new method which im testing rn

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