✓ Cheap Verified Twitter Account with OGE [Classy Username]

Hello lovely SWAPD community!

It’s been a blast so far! Following my successful sales of both freshly verified Instagram accounts and Twitter accounts, I am true to my word and will work to provide a consistent flow of new and fresh verified accounts.

ALL of the accounts I will list on SWAPD will ALWAYS come with OG EMAIL registered on YANDEX! There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this because I know how important account security is to those who want to invest in verified accounts.

The accounts I provide aren’t aged accounts. They are created as I go, and this account has the following details:

• Created August 2020
• Verified September 2020
• 0 followers (none blocked)
• No previous ownership - You will not find this listed anywhere but here on SWAPD.co (http://swapd.co/).

The username of this account is relevant to anyone whose

  • Name starts with M / Short form for Male Police Officer.
  • Looking for an easily brandable, safe and freshly verified Twitter account

TWITTER’s verification process is officially on hold now, and even more so during the corona virus. The accounts I provide are legitimately verified through a very secretive and closed process only available to very select people.

I accept TransferWise as well as BTC.


Weekend special pricing is at $3.5k + Fees. I will switch pricing back to $4k after weekend.

Hey what’s the username on this one?

Username plz

username please

Back again! Good job my brother. Can you send me this username?

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username please

What’s the name of this account?

username please. Thanks

Weekend offers end but if you’ve inquired before you might still get a discount. Otherwise this comes at $4k including fees.