Cheapest Official Wikipedia Article ($300+) [VIP Seller]

Get an article on Wikipedia with a backlink! (DA 100)

100% Success Rate so far!

( / ( / ( / English Wikipedia ( may be available for a higher price. This depends on eligibility, however.

Do not create Wikipedia articles without experience.

It is common for articles to be written with the wrong formatting and lack of notability, causing it to be locked for creation forever, or allowed only by administrators or confirmed users.

I’ve had a year of experience writing up several articles for people outside of SWAPD, so I decided to bring this here! I know what to do to get articles accepted for indexing and stay on permanently, using my confirmed contributor account.

I can do this for businesses, musicians, entrepreneurs, and more – but it depends on current notability.

Price: From $300+ (subject to approval and depends on case and language)
Success rate: 100%


  • This is perhaps the best material to use when applying for verification on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Triggers Google Knowledge Panel.
  • In general, builds credibility.


  • Insured: If the Wikipedia article is removed within 2 years and I can’t get it back up, I will refund you!
  • A draft would be helpful, but note that it will likely not be similar as it has to adhere to Wikipedia’s guidelines.
  • After publishing, the Wikipedia can be edited but please go through me first. I’ll do it free of charge.


Check this out: [ Article + Backlink ($250) [DA 91]]

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just delivered one!

Friendly bump for you.! You are the best here.

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What sort of guarantees are there?

Interested in the service, please send over some samples.

Hi, it will have a 2 year warranty. So I’ll refund if taken down and I can’t get it back up.