CHEAPEST PR SERVICES, Guaranteed delivery

If you’re looking to level up your online presence ranging anywhere from a very small budget to any budget in a small timeframe we’re finally here!

Use this to become verified or just to reach a larger online presence, we can cater to anyone starting from a very small budget and you also have the option to let us write the article for a small extra fee.

We have access to 50+ magazines including:

Forbes USA


La weekly

Ny weekly

LA magazine

Yahoo news

Fox interviewer

+ many more!(pm for full list,pricing,timeframe)

We also offer a google pannel and extremely well priced bundle deals.

Message me if you have any further questions.

Payment: PayPal,crypto or bank transfer

A lot of them can be done within a week, pm for details

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Can you share pricing

Pricing list please


PM list please

Doing crazy deals as it’s a new service from my part, only doing a select amount though first come first serve

PM list + pricing please, thank you!

Sorry for the late reply, just sent!

PM me the list and pricing.

price list please

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Price list please

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Hi, I am new to SWAPD and I would like a full list with prices included. Please PM me at your earliest convenience! Thank you!

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Doing massive discounts this week on any articles, It’s a new service so I want to get my reviews up. I can outprice anyone on the website, pm me

please send me full list


Hi! Are you still offering this service? We’re looking for a full feature on top tier publications like TechCrunch, Forbes, Entrepreneur, or even Mashable. Please let me know the requirements, doability, TAT, and price rates.