Claim Facebook Username (FAST AND CHEAP)

Service type: Claim Facebook Username “FASTEST AND CHEAPEST”
Price: 900$ - 2000$


  • 5 characters or more
  • No generic usernames like pizza or pancake .
  • Desired username should at least be inactive for 1 years.

I provide username on fresh new page
payment method : USDT

already available usernames to sell :

Manchester 2k$
Birmingham 1.4$
Dundee 1k$
Antonito 990$
Preipo 900$

Comment Below if you interested or DM me Directly


one order has been done on swapd
still receive order

another order has been done
still receive oder

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reply to my dm

DM me again


receive FB Username claim order and fast answer

Check DM

FB claim will receive

Check DM from me

take FB usernames orders fast


Taking IG claims again?

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Do you mean, if I want a specific username that is already in use (by a user who has been active forever?) i can get it?

How much for 6 character IG name?

username must be inactive for more than 2 years

price depends on the username difficulty

not yet
i will let you soon