Claim Inactive Instagram/Facebook Usernames (Verified Users, Public Figures and Businesses)

Service type: We can request inactive FB/IG inactive usernames
Price: Start from 1.8k USD (+ Swapd / TransferWise fee)

If you are looking for cheaper options, please feel free to reach other providers on here.


  • We can send requests to claim inactive IG usernames, for public figures and businesses.

  • We can request only if the handle has been inactive for a minimum 2 years. We can also request handles that are come up with the “Sorry, this page is not available” error, are disabled, or banned.

  • We can not request OG usernames at this time (dog, cats, sushi, pizza etc). The handle can not be 1-4 letters and has to be a minimum of 5 characters.

  • We can also send requests to rename verified IG/FB handles. Note: the handle has to be related to the requested name and can not be totally different. For example: if you have a verified IG @swapd_official and you want to change it to @Swapd, we can do that. We would not however we able to change @swapd_official to @mark. The verified handle request has to be similar for everyone’s security.

What we will need from you:

  1. Current Username (Needs to be a valid account that is active and looks somewhat professional. If you have an account with 50 followers and 2 posts, please don’t send it. You need to be have a legit profile or a real business.
  2. Requested Username
  3. Email on the account :

Timeframe :

We usually hear back in maximum 1-2 days once we submit the request.

Lately we have been receiving a response back in 1 day.

If you get rejected the first time I may be able to try with another contact, however that would require an extra day or two.


Good luck with sales.


Requests like this on the image will be directly trashed, without giving you an answer

He asked to check for a OG username into a ““normal”” (so not public figures or business) shitty account with 13 followers

Good luck :clap:

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Pm please. Interested.

If you are interested send currently username / requested / email and I will let you know if we can claim or not, and price

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Good Golden Luck With SALES!

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Message sent. Thanks

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BUMP - As a reminder : we can switch username for verified user too, public figures and businss. and badge won’t be disappear


Please DM

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