Claim Instagram Username (short & generic)

Yes, I am still looking for help with the claim. I’ve sent you a PM.

contact me

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All the new people couldn’t help with this. Who can really get it done? I have a strong budget and we can start the ticket right away.

If strong, @Thanos can for sure.

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Thanks for the recommendation but I’ve already asked him and he can’t get it :frowning:

Vulgar banned “ a user with that username already exists “ are not claimable

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You said someone can do it for $15k but it’s not within your budget.

No one can get it within that price point. If they can I would run to them.

The username is banned, but it should still be possible if it’s unbanned first. That’s what several people told me onsite and offsite.

The budget has been increased and is strong now.

If you can do such a difficult claim, please reach out to me and let’s find a way to make it happen :slight_smile:


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