CLAIM your username now

Always wanted to get that inactive name? Now you can.

I can claim the username for you.
This is not done by any sort of panel.

  • You cannot claim a generic name (pasta, sea, sunset)
  • You cannot claim a disabled name.
  • It has to be inactive for at least 2-3 years

Price: 2500$ (BTC) to be paid upfront.
It usually takes 2-4 business days, but up to 10 during this period.

If I won’t be able to get the handle for you, you’ll be fully refunded in BTC.

I start only with names I’m 99% sure they can be claimed.
So please PM me with your request and I’ll let you know.

*PS: Do not message me about other payment methods, lower offers, 3 letter names. *
I will ignore that.

Thank you

Any vouch copy for the first comment? :wink:

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Bumping. Thanks for the requests in PM

Hey there

Please reply sent you requirementes more than 10 days ago , I have 2 accounts on line


What platform? (eg: Twitter, Facebook etc.?)

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Pm me

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