Clickbank discussion

I’ve just started using Clickbank for my health niche blog.

I’m promoting 2 products that have high gravity and are very popular and put a banner on the website. so far in around 15 hours, I’ve managed to get 160 hops but no sale yet. is this normal? what is the average for getting a sale?

Also, how are you doing with CB? never tried affiliate before and curious to see if members here are doing well with it

You’re about 20 years late :smiley: People still use ClickBank?

Yea. it looks like they didn’t update their design in 10 years.

If you judge a website by its looks, I wonder what you think of SWAPD :frowning:

Swapd looks great.

Why no one replies to disccusions? it should be on the front page imo


Click bank is still working well I know a guy making a ton of money from there.

Perhaps it’s the offer your promoting or maybe the traffic isn’t warmed up enough ant ready to buy?

The best offer right now for weightloss from clickbank I will send you in a DM.

Give it a try, it’s converting well for Pinterest traffic, Google ads and Facebook currently.

I will send you a DM now.

$132.69 made today!! 2 sales from 1 person within 10 minutes (upsell!)


■■■■ yeah!

Get in there man, nice work :muscle:.

Did you create the lander for it?

Nice man, good results for sure. :blush::white_check_mark:

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Actually didn’t create a lander for it yet. I will definitely do it though.

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I’m active on swapd daily but i just got to know about these tutorial / money making section today.

How did i miss?

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Bc @Swapd only cares about his commission so he doesnt want to promote those discussions

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Where is the haha react? :joy::joy:

You better relax or I will implement monthly membership fees, also.
Actually, that’s not a bad idea!

“SWAPD Monthly Convenience & Honest Freedom Fee”

Who wouldn’t pay that?

Hey @RandyMarsh which ClickBank offer are you promoting? We’ve printed offers In The past And some have done well. I’m picking it back up again