How much of the 99k revenue was profit? How were you generating traffic to the site?

40% in general, before may 2018 i was advertising on facebook and some instagram shoutouts but since then i stopped advertising and all sales since then are organic or from returning visitors profit since then is about 60% about 500-600 in sales monthly

Please send me recent Insights, thanks.

last month sales all organic and returning customers


how much cash do you spend on ads? What platform do you use for ads?

facebook ads ,ad spend were when i was advertising between 20 and 40% of profit, and some ads were unsuccessful ofcourse but in general 20, 25%

which is the product that has the lowest rate on sales?

i cant give that kind of details unless for serious buyers

in pm?

yes sure

october sales so far all organic
looking for a quick sale so i m reducing the price and open to offers

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