Company Setup + Visas for Dubai/UAE | Bypass all delays + 100% personal advice

Been thinking about setting up a company or moving to Dubai?

:earth_africa: Maybe you’re looking for:

  • great weather in one of the safest cities on earth
  • no income tax
  • a huge community of online entrepreneurs

Getting a company set up in the UAE isn’t hard - anyone who tells you otherwise is a grifter. Figuring out the best setup, structures, & jurisdictions for your situation requires an expert.

:rotating_light: Cheap services on Google sell you the dream but the structures they choose mean you end up:

  • Paying huge fees every year
  • Waiting weeks or even months for routine paperwork to get processed
  • Unable to open a bank account because you’re high risk

:man_pilot: When you work with me, you get:

  • Out of hours access to government facilities to bypass months long waits
  • Personal escorted service while in the UAE to get your Emirates ID without queuing
  • 100% bespoke advice depending on your profile
  • Help and advice on everything in Dubai (even if you just want restaurant recs)

:briefcase: The basic service that most clients need is:

  • Company registered w/ all legal requirements met (Free zone or local depending o needs)
  • Residency (inc. entry visas) for you, business, partner, family, etc.
  • Medical test, biometrics, & Emirates ID delivery (my guy will drive you around and make sure you bypass all the queues)

:office: Other services I can provide:

  • Business bank accounts
  • Personal bank accounts
  • Intros to crypto-friendly real estate agents, banks, etc.
  • Golden visas (if eligible)
  • Finance / trading / brokerage licenses
  • Anything else you need including licensing, stripe accounts, or US tax advice

If you have questions, just ask!

:airplane: To get a quote or get started, send me a DM with some details about your nationality, reason for moving to the UAE, and timeline.

Pricing: $2k - $50k+


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