[CONTEST] 200 reply wins a 100 USD SWAPD voucher!


Time to have some fun! The 200th reply to this topic receives a 100 USD voucher good at any item purchased via SWAPD. This applies to buyers only!

The contest only has three rules:

  1. You have to have a custom avatar.
  2. You can’t post more than three consecutive replies in a row.
  3. The replies can’t be gibberish (as in “iohoasda8ubsdasd”, for example.)

That’s it! Have fun and good luck!


  1. The voucher is one-time use only.
  2. The voucher is not redeemable for cash.
  3. Applies to buyers only.
  4. If for any reason the 200th reply didn’t follow our rules, SWAPD staff will decide who the winner is.



I wonder if anyone will notice this topic here, as this category is muted from the front page (for a reason). We only want business related listings on the front page.


I noticed it :joy: :+1:


No one ever notices the chit chat :frowning: This will be a loooong contest.


Yea this is going to take a while :smile:


This forum is getting better and better :wink:


Glad you like it! We’re always looking to make things better feel free to drop us suggestions


good luck everyone!


cool giveaway!


So, what’s up? Ya’ll from around here?


im from an island called Guernsey, search it up its very cool!


Looks small! :smiley: What do you do for fun there? Which country is your enemy? Or most disliked? I am from Poland, don’t look it up, it’s not cool at all!


How cool that looks like a beautiful little place!

By the way don’t forget to add a custom avatar to your profile so you can qualify for this contest :slight_smile:


Yeah I found it too


I’m an Aussie


We don’t have any enimies, Everyone knows each other on the island, it’s a peaceful place


Sounds nice. Much crime?


Barely any crime, what about you guys?

Also do you own any Instagram accounts?


this competition is going to take a while it its just me talking