Crazy NFT .com Domain + Insane NFT Instagram Handle

Looking to sell + Same @ on IG without the www. or .com

Absolute crazy pair for anyone in the NFT niche. recently sold for 14 Million USD and pretty much any dot-com domain with NFT in it is selling for thousands. I have this listed on other domain selling sites for 30,000 USD but would prefer to be paid in crypto. Shoot me a reasonable offer and I may consider it.

Looking to sell pretty quickly so shoot me a DM if you are interested. did not sell for $14m USD, where did you see that?

In fact, less than a year ago the domain was sold for $2m

Your domain isn’t worth $100 btw.

Good luck with the sale tho!


dm final price please

Bumping this!

bumping this

bumping this

someone cop this

Someone cop this



bumping this

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