Crazy Reach🔥 Babes/Models Account| 19M+ Impressions | 950k+ Profile Visits | US Top

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 46.7k
Topic/Niche: Babes/Models
Does it include the OG (original) email?: Comes with Current Email
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: [Edit : I posted it 3 days ago and It has grown from 32.1k to 45.4k now]

I bought this account in April and started growing it since then when it had 3.5k followers.

Some highlights and more info…

Last 7 days insights:

15M+ impressions
10.5M Reach
725k Profile visits.
Gained 33k+ Followers [check SS for all the proofs]

Getting this much impressions per week for an account with just this much audience.

Audience :
95.5% Men
US top - 25.7%

Daily growing now with 5k+ followers on average and This is still booming while I write this.

2-3 reels are doing rounds and they are the main reason for this much growth.
One reel has reached 19M+ views.
Others with 1M+ as well.

Followers increased from 9k to 44k+ in just 5 days.

I am hoping this would touch 50k by the the next Weekend, Yes it got this much potential.

Mainly It’s growing through Reels (SS attached below) with the updated New interface of insights.

Check story insights as well, getting 20k+ story views for this much audience.

30 days ago, I posted this and it had 6.5k followers : BABES/MODEL Account - Very Active US audience Growing 400+ daily

Compare the growth from then to now :point_down:

Feel free to message me about it.
I haven’t monetised it yet as I wanted to handover a fresh account to the buyer as my intention was to Grow and Sell it from the scratch.

One can easily bank $$$/weekly using those 654k profile visits if they know how to do it.


That would be way too low. See the account’s potential.

At 36.6k followers now. Gained 3.5k followers in just 8 hours since I posted this.

Price and @

my final price is 250$ okay do you want to sell than tell me

Please Check PM

Not interested. Thank you for time and interest man :raised_hands:

@ All

Followers are now at 37.1k

Dont miss it guys :point_down:


Please get ID verified using @verification


Grown 7.2k followers since the time I posted this and it’s only been 19 hours.

The REEL that was at 11M 15hours ago is now at 15.9M views.

One Reel close to hitting a Million. Don’t let this account go. And others are growing too. So One reel can saturate but all are ever growing.

All the Reels, I upload are getting 100k views in 24 hours or so.

You can easily bank $$$ if you know how to monetize those weekly 650k profile visits.
*This is the best time to get your hands at this account as It’s very insanely active.

Getting Great engagement with stories too. The current story on the account has 19k views with an Account with 39k followers.

It is a perfect account to monetize for selling Shoutouts, OnlyFans Models or Modelling Agencies and even Adult CPA offers.
I am not monetizing it since I want to sell and it so it can be fresh for the one who needs to buy and monetize it.

Selling it for very reasonable price.
PM me for the handle and the current offer.

what’s the @ and how much

Check PM @blotch

To All

40k+ now (Gained 9k since I posted this)


Weekly 14M impressions now :point_down:

Price and handle please - I am ID verified in like a few hours, pending rn

The BIN price is mentioned in the Post but I am open to negotiate.

It’s at 43.7k now

And, No offence but will send as soon as you get verified now. I hope you understand.

To All

15M+ / Weekly Impresions
And 725k Profile Visits.

Guys, This is the perfect time to bank some $$$ from this account.

Another Reel hit 1M today

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Thanks… waiting for them to verify me


Handle please

@Internetsalesguru Please get ID verification first using @verification
Otherwise you won’t be able to start checkout tickets and I won’t share the handle too.


One reel is going to hit 20M views the other at 1.1M now It was at 1M 2 hours ago.

The account stands at 44.4k now (JayZ would be so happy :stuck_out_tongue:)

Buy the account while It’s insanely active.

How much for repost&tag? Story&tag? PM


I am currently not monetising it (not even through Paid shoutouts as I mentioned.)

But I’ll PM you the rates which would obviously be reasonable considering my reach.


16M impressions

Bump Still for sale!

Many queries but no one opened a checkout ticket.

Now at 46.7k