Creating fame for Artists/Bands (Growth)

Service type: Growth
Price: $10k+

Will keep this as short as possible, basically offering a service to make yourself or an artist/band you manage blow up.

I’ve tested many methods, and after 3 successfully completed runs this year alone, I am confident enough to provide this service publicly. My typical customer, whom are usually people just starting out, have gone from 10-150 monthly Spotify listeners to over 10,000 in a short timeframe.

Included in the service is full management of social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok), website, branding (if requested), album/song artwork, publishing, playlist placement on Spotify, and most importantly: a curated marketing plan to help the customer reach target numbers.

This is not something I accomplish overnight, this is a service which takes time to deliver at the quality I strive for. For this reason, this service starting price is $10,000 USD, and can go up from there. I also don’t work with just anyone, if the music simply isn’t good, no matter how much I try I will not be able to do the numbers which I usually deliver. For that reason, as harsh as it sounds, I reserve the right to refuse this service to anyone who inquiries if I determine it is a job I can’t complete or can’t complete well. There’s a lot of money involved and I don’t want people to have bad experiences.

If you would like to converse about purchasing this service, send me a dm! You must be ID verified on Swapd and provide a proof of funds of at least $10k. If you’re a high ranking/VIP member, POF is not required.

This service is SWAPD approved.

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Looks promising.

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i am back on my normal account send payemtn for the 5k lets work!

Service is currently full. We will open this thread once we’re open again!